• Product Suitability
  • Conex Compression Range
  • Press Range
  • Pushfit Range
  • Threaded Range
  • Oyster Range
  • End Feed Range
  • K65 Range
  • Triflow Solder Integral Ring
  • Approval


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Welcome to the Conex|Bänninger Product Guide

At Conex Bänninger we produce plumbing fittings and valves for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, working with customers in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, and medical businesses.Our passionate and innovative approach to the design and manufacture of plumbing fittings for use with copper, carbon, plastic and stainless steel tubes has made us a world leader.
We do more than just manufacture plumbing fittings and valves. We Strive for Excellence in all we do to build strong and close relationships with our customers through providing the best technical,sales and customer support.As well as producing traditional fittings, at Conex Bänninger we pride ourselves on innovation. We have developed ranges like >B< Press, Cuprofit, >B< Push and Conex Push-Fit, which offer frame free installation solutions. These are quick and easy to install, saving on costs and offer a secure, long-life, leak proof joint.